Selling Tips

Car Selling Tips

This may be the first time you're selling your vehicle. Then again, you may have done so many times before. In either case, we think you'll find the following tips helpful in becoming a sharp, seller.

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  1. Locate and Have Handy:
    • Title.
    • Registration if the license plate(s) will go with the vehicle.
    • Emission certificate.
    • Available maintenance and repair records, including replacement part warranties.
    • Vehicle manufacturer's warranty if still valid.
    • Owners booklet.
  2. Set the Price
  3. Prepare Your Vehicle for the Market
    • Make it sparkle in appearance.
      • Dust and vacuum the interior.
      • Clean the leather or upholstery, and the fabric trim.
      • Wash the floor mats.
      • Wash and wax the exterior.
      • Clean all glass surfaces inside and out.
      • Polish the chrome.
      • Wipe engine with degreaser.
      • Empty the trunk, glove compartment, and other storage areas.
    • Fix it up for showing.
      • Replace broken or cracked side and rear view mirrors.
      • Buy seat covers for worn leather or upholstery.
      • Replace burned out exterior and interior light bulbs.
      • Replace cracked headlight, brake and tail light lamps.
      • Replace badly frayed or torn seat belts.
      • Buy new windshield wipers if needed.
      • Check all fluids and top off or replace (oil, radiator, transmission, power, steering, power brake).
      • Replace cracked windows and windshields.
      • Repair broken radio, tape or CD player.
      • Repair faulty heating and air conditioning.
      • Repair non-functioning power windows, power locks, power seats.
    • To increase your selling price, consider:
      • An engine tune up to make it purr.
      • Wheel alignment for straight tracking.
      • New shock absorbers if they're going or gone.
      • New or recapped tires to replace the bald or balding ones.
      • A brake job to replace worn shoes.
  4. Point Out All the Positives
    • In the Comments Area provided in your SharpCar listing, be sure to make note of the vehicles pluses, such as great mpg in the city, year-round reliability, great for cruising the open road, or pampered by first owner.
  5. Be Honest
    • If your vehicle needs work, say so. It'll save you time on wasted e-mails and phone calls. Also, let potential buyers know if your price is firm. People expect to dicker, unless otherwise informed.